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For over 38 years, Michael J Staines & Company has represented public figures and individuals in some of the highest profile and complex cases in the Irish criminal courts. 


For many people approached by investigators or regulators, their initial reaction is to cooperate fully and to respond entirely to the allegations made in the belief that this will achieve the best and fairest outcome. In our many years’ experience, this is unfortunately not always the best course of action.  


If an allegation has been made either against you personally or in your professional or business capacity, early advice and a critical assessment of the situation by our experienced lawyers will determine the success or otherwise of your defence.


If you have been asked to attend a Garda station, to make a voluntary cautioned statement, have been arrested or an arrest is being threatened, the early advice which you take from our experienced team can dictate how well positioned you are to defend the allegation at a later stage if it proceeds to court.