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Proceed with caution!

Proceed with caution!

The Adult Cautioning Scheme (ACS) was introduced in in February 2006 primarily to deal with minor offences committed by first time offenders. The Adult Cautioning Scheme can be used as alternative to bringing a prosecution. It primarily applies to Public Order, minor Theft and Criminal Damage offences. To be deemed suitable for an Adult Caution a person must be willing to accept responsibility for the offence in question. The views of any victim must also be canvassed. The final decision rests with the Superintendent of the local Garda Station. 

It is important that you are fully appraised of your rights when suspected of a criminal offence. Therefore, we would strongly advise anyone to speak to one of our experienced team prior to accepting or rejecting and Adult Caution. We can also help to ensure that you are offered a caution in the appropriate circumstances.  


Rory Staines, Solicitor

11th June 2018